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Aozora (ow-zor-a)

Japanese, 青空, あおぞら
1. Meaning "blue sky"

Whether you own or lead an organisation, the opportunity to stand at the helm is sure to provide some of the best, and some of the most challenging life experiences you'll encounter. From hierarchies, logistics and finances, to product development, sales and training, there's always more than one thing demanding your time and energy.

What about the team members serving your customers, or your middle managers sandwiched between their team's needs and the organisation's goals. How do they perceive their role, the team around them and your commitment to the organisation?

Do these team members understand your vision?
Can they see your perspective?
Do they have the clarity they need to act when you aren't around? 

At Aozora Partners, we work with you to develop best-in-class People & Culture and training solutions that dispel the clouds blocking your organisational clarity and allow new light to illuminate the perspectives and clarity your leaders and team members need to thrive and succeed.

The Team.

With a combined 30+ years of helping organisations and individuals to thrive, it was amongst the madness of 2020 when Steve and Wade identified the need for a simpler and easier method for organisations both big and small to access the specialist People & Culture skills they need. With a general dislike for corporate jargon, executive papers and 18 month project plans, plus a proven track record of helping organisation's to capture and execute their missions (either when working together or independently), it wasn't long before the call was made to begin building the Aozora Partners vision.

With experience in finance, hospitality & tourism, education, insurance, technology and local government, we're confident that we'll have the skills and knowledge needed to tackle your organisation's unique needs and goals.
Co-Founder and Director

With over 20 years People and Culture experience throughout the APAC region Steve brings a unique “out of the building” look at people and team development. Having lived and worked in Japan, China, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, Steve has worked in a variety of industries from finance to local government to start ups. With a passion for seeing people grow and exceed their goals, Steve loves helping organisations take that next step and achieve the impossible.
Co-Founder and Director

Since 2014 Wade has been consistently delivering large-scale, high-impact people projects and training initiatives for organisations across Australia and New Zealand. With unique perspectives on the role of corporate training, personal growth, and technology adoption within the People & Culture space, Wade has a keen eye for enhancing organisations through the adoption of new systems and practices that enable team members to deliver their best work, whilst also growing closer to the best version of themselves.


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