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At Aozora Partners, there's no such thing as 'One size fits all'.


Training & Capability 

Helping your people to grow and succeed.

Whether its on-the-job skills or personal development, the modern employee expects their employer to actively provide opportunities for their growth. From one-day customer service workshops to developing your organisation's long-term capability strategy, Aozora Partners can develop and deliver exactly what you and your team need in order to achieve both your current and future levels of success.

Some of what we do:
> Leadership Development Programs
> Employee Capability Frameworks
> Custom Training & Development Programs
> Induction, Learning & Onboarding Systems
> Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience Audits & Training


Culture & Performance

Defining and enhancing your secret sauce.

No two companies are the same, and even though it's hard to put your finger on it, you know that there's a lot about your organisation which makes it unique from your competitors. At Aozora Partners we help you identify, capture, enhance, and reinforce your uniqueness to ensure that everyone is in the same boat and rowing in the same direction.

Some of what we do:
> Mission, Vision & Value Development
> Tailored Team Building Exercises
> Project & Change Management Services
> Performance & Productivity Strategies
> Organisational Goals & Strategy Development


People & Culture Foundations

The 'not-so-fun' but essential stuff

The people side of business can get very shaky very quickly without the right policies, procedures and frameworks in place. Simple, straightforward and up-to-date programs and policies will ensure your business grows with stability and confidence. At Aozora Partners we can review, simplify and, if needed, step-in to manage your day-to-day People & Culture foundations.

Some of what we do:
> Outsourced HR Management
> Policies & Procedures Audits
> Reward & Recognition Program Development
> Recruitment Practices & Processes Advice
> HRIS Upgrades and Implementation


The best websites are short and sharp. If there's something we've missed, hopefully these additional answers will help.

I need help with something that isn't listed above. Do you help with other business needs? 

Absolutely. Consider the lists above as appetisers. Reach out to us via info@aozorapartners.com and tell us about your needs and goals. We're confident we'll have something on offer to suit your needs.

Consultants are expensive and have long, complicated contracts. How do you engage with clients?

We're glad you asked. At Aozora Partners we don't consider ourselves as consultants. Rather, we like to think of ourselves as a trusted partner that you can access when you need, and how you need. We charge by the hour, by workshop or by project - whatever suits your business needs. And of course our contracts are short and easy to read.*

*No fine print required

It looks like you're in Queensland, Australia but I'm in Melbourne or New Zealand. Can we still work with you?

Zoom, Webex, Teams, GoToMeeting or the good old telephone. You name it, we use it. Towards the end of project completions or major milestones, if we can make it to you physically we will.


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